The CBT’s: Ten Ways to Stop Avoidance


Dr. Jayme Albin - The Cognitive Behavior Therapist NYC

If you find yourself repeatedly avoiding situations because you feel uncomfortable or nervous, the best remedy to cure your anxiety is to not deter yourself from these situations. The more you avoid, the worse your anxiety will get.

See Thou Shall Not Avoid for Why .


Some basic ideas on how not to avoid and making approaching anxiety situations easier:


1.Make your own movie with imagery: Play out positive scenarios in your head. Use scenes from films or books to guide you but make sure you are the actor/actress in the film.

2.Role play: practice in front of a mirror or with a friend/therapist. Once you start it can be fun and extremely helpful.

3.Get a job or volunteer. If you see being social as part of your job you may come out of your shell.

4.Go for an hour! Set specific beginning and an…

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